2017 LGBTQ Prom

Welcome to the Prom!  You need to do three things to participate in this joyous event:

  • Read, and accept the  Participant Covenant for Bull Run UU Youth Events, and either bring it with you the evening of the event or email to to lgbtq@bruu.org (you will need this form to get in to the event) You can scan it or take a selfie with it, but we need it!
  • Indicate below how many tickets you need  and pay for them below on PayPal (cash only at the door)
  • Send lgbtq@bruu.org an email with your contact information including
    • Name
    • Age (with date of birth)
    • Address
    • Best phone number for contacting you
  • Ok there’s a fourth thing, have a safe and wonderful time at the prom

And check out the Facebook page for new hot details…

How many tickets ?