From September 2017 — June 2018, BRUU has an active program of Religious Education for Children and Youth.

To help students and parents find their way, we have colored paths on the floors that lead to the classrooms.

“Explorers” Ages 4-7

Room 302/4: Picture Book World Religions & Spirit Play World Religions

Orange path

Picture Books introduces world religions through stories and allow young children to explore the differences and similarities to their own lives. The stories illustrate concepts such as the value of wisdom and loyalty in Hinduism, the importance of family in Islam, and the practice of compassion for all living things in Buddhism.

Spirit Play is a similar story centered plan that engages the entire group in reflective questions, but also offers independent exploration. With these lessons, the group will discover African creation myths, Native American legends, Earth based practices and more.

“Questers” Ages 8-10

Room 208: Holidays and Holy Days

Yellow path

In this program, participants learn about the origins and meanings of holiday and holy day celebrations. The authors state, “Holidays are the natural, age-old vehicle of religious socialization. Their festivities tell a story which children absorb with delight, through experiences far more than through words. Decorations, colors, costumes, dances, lights, songs, foods, festivity, gifts, excitement, pageantry, solemnity, ceremony, and ritual-it is of these that tradition is woven, that memories, beliefs, values, fears, hopes, and reverence are transmitted. A holiday is not something to talk about… it’s something to DO.”

“Seekers” Ages 11-13

Room 305/7: Neighboring Faiths

Green path

Our Junior High group will reflect on the unique and universal of religious experience; explore their own values as they relate to other faith traditions; increase their understanding and appreciation of religious diversity; and build relationships with peers, adult leaders, their congregation and community. Once a month, the group will visit another faith community. Please contact DRE for schedule and travel details.

Senior YoUUth Ages 14-17

Blue path

BRUU’s Senior YoUUth will combine classroom exploration with self-guided involvement in the larger BRUU congregation, social justice in our community, and life enriching experiences outside the classroom!

A Chorus of Faith curriculum guides high school-age youth to plan and lead an interfaith service event in their local community. The program engages youth to explore religious pluralism, learn why it matters to Unitarian Universalists, and develop the understandings and skills to do interfaith work.