Living our Values – Stronger Together!

This year’s Stewardship message comes with four key focus areas: caring, connecting, challenging, and committing. We hope you agree that each is important, and what keeps our wonderful community so special.

We hope you enjoyed the online Gala event, but if you missed it (or want to enjoy it again), we have the video!



Caring for each other is in BRUU’s DNA. From the amazing Pastoral Care core team to the numerous volunteers who step up to provide cards, meals, transportation, a little TLC, a friendly smile, and a virtual shoulder to cry on, BRUU continues to be busy helping those dealing with difficult life events. We are BRUU Strong and will come through these challenges together. If you or someone you know is need of assistance, please contact , we are here to help.


A second key element of BRUU is in building connections, both internally within our own spiritual community and in connecting with our local community. While this element has certainly been a challenge during this past year, we stay committed to building those connections through fellowship, fun, and actively working together on causes we believe in. Together, we can make a difference, and build life-long friendships in the process.


A part of self-development comes from challenging our own experiences with social inequities such as white privilege and patriarchal systems. We have an obligation to better understand these deep-seated issues and our role within these systems, how to make change, and the courage to stand up to injustices when we see them. This is not an easy or “one-time” fix. It is an iterative process that takes a willingness to honestly confront one’s own feelings and strive to work for equality for all.


To fully live our values, then we need to commit to supporting pay equity and work towards establishing fair compensation for our staff. Collectively, we have made that “theoretical commitment” insofar as we have stated that as one of our key goals. Now is the time to make progress, but it will take all of us working together to make it a reality. There is nothing that we cannot do when we have the collective will!

Make your pledge!

Pledging is a deeply personal decision. After reviewing the 2021 BRUU Budget and Pledge FAQs, as members we make a financial contribution to BRUU, to share in the financial cost of creating the community we love. There are many ways to figure out what a “fair share” is. One way is looking at the UUA’s fair share contribution guide:

Please make your pledge by April 5, 2021 to help us finalize our budget plans. You can complete your pledge online using this Pledge Form

For other questions not answered in Pledge FAQs about these year’s Canvass, please contact Richard Firth or Heather Berthold at

Thank you for your pledge and for your continued support of our community.

Richard Firth
2021 Stewardship Chair