Board of Directors

BRUU Board

The governing body of BRUU is the Board of Directors, which is elected by the Members of the congregation at the Annual Meetings in June. The Program Council coordinates plans, schedules, and activities of many of the various committees, task forces, and groups at BRUU.

Bylaws were changed at the June, 2015 Annual Meeting.  The Board now consists of four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), three Directors, and the chair of the Program Council.

Board elections occur at every Annual Meeting.  The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Program Council Chair, and two Directors are elected in odd-numbered years.  The Secretary and two Directors are elected in even-numbered years.

President (2015-17)
Beth Adams Roemmelt

Vice President (2015-17)
Angie Carrera

Secretary (2016-17, filling vacated position)
Wade Stephenson

Treasurer (2015-17)
Henry Hastings

Director (2016-18)
Amy Hamilton

Director (2015-17)
Mike Cleary

Director (2015-16)
Art Muirhead

Program Council (2015-17)
Jeanette Muir

BRUU Board, March 2017
Top Row(L-R): Angie Carrera (Vice President), Rev. Madelyn Campbell (Interim Minister), Mike Cleary (Director), Art Muirhead (Director) Henry Hastings (Treasurer)

Bottom Row(L-R): Amy Hamilton (Director),  Wade Stephenson (Secretary), Janette Muir (Program Council Chair) and Beth Roemmelt (President)