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Eat More Pie

There is something about pie that speaks to all of us – it is one of the few truly universal foods. We’ll explore what pie means, what we can learn from pie, and how taking time for pie feeds our souls as well as our … read more.

Elephants and Ants (video)

We need to do small symbolic acts of being “green” so our actions align with our beliefs. However, symbolic actions alone will not preserve the planet, Save the Bay, or even get Neabsco Creek off the official “dirty water list.” In addition to doing small … read more.

After 1619, How Do We “Repair”? (video)

South Africa used a Peace and Reconciliation Commission to deal with an unpleasant past. How should Northern Virginians deal with our past? If we look through an equity lens, what do we see locally?

The 3rd Sunday Split-the-Plate benefits BRUU’s Community Assistance Fund.

After 1619, How Do … read more.