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Justice (video)

Part of the draft language for the UUA’s Article II bylaws revision, “Justice” is one of the values that we Unitarian Universalists hold close to our hearts. We covenant to work for a free and fair world and hold each other accountable for this work. … read more.

Connection Through Handwriting (video)

When we want to reach out to someone today, most of us send an electronic message – a text, an email, a social network posting.  While these communication methods are easy and efficient, they contain little of the intimacy of the handwritten letter or word.  … read more.

Religious Freedom (video)

The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom was passed into law on 1/16/1786. As free religionists, what is its significance today?

The 3rd Sunday Split-the-Plate benefits BRUU’s Community Assistance Fund.

Religious Freedom