The mission of the Social Justice Committee is to identify and give expression to the social justice concerns of Bull Run Unitarian Universalists. Our congregation desires to be a partner and member congregation of the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ). We will voluntarily join the national network of UUSJ member congregations, who live out their faith through engagement, education, and advocacy to advance equitable national policies and actions, aligned with UU values.

Okay, so what does that mean?

We will –

  • Engage in social justice education, witness, and advocacy activities and events;
  • Disseminate UUSJ education, advocacy, witness information to the members of our congregation;
  • Support UUSJ visibility and involvement among our congregation;
  • Foster participation in UUSJ educational offerings;
  • Encourage our congregants to join UUSJ as individual members;
  • Inform and update UUSJ as to the justice priorities important to our congregation and its members; and,
  • Aspire to make an annual financial contribution to the UUSJ.

The suggested annual donation to UUSJ is: 0.25 percent of our annual operating budget and may come from a budget line item or special collection.

Covenants adopted in 2021

Social Justice Task Forces

Share the Plate

One Sunday each month, we share the non-pledge monies of our collection plate with a deserving local non-profit. These are a small sampling of the groups we have contributed to in this way:

All other Sundays, we share the plate with our Emergency Food Pantry.