Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Bull Run Unitarian Universalists

10. Because we don’t have to know all the answers to start looking (and have no delusion that we have all the answers figured out)

9. Because we focus on values that we share, rather than on differences about who-really-knows-the-answer-anyway theological issues

8. Because, in our suburban commuter life where neighbors don’t know each other’s names, we yearn to be a part of a community that cares for one another

7. Because we don’t think church should be stodgy and this place is rather fun

6. Because the speakers avoid lame clichés in sermons, or at least apologize if one slips in.

5. Because our choirs are crazy good

4. Because we would like to explore our beliefs together as a family and want a place where all of us will be warmly welcomed

3. Because there is a big wide gap between the world as it is and the world as it should be and we’d like to be a part of narrowing it

2. Because this place is never boring, and Sunday mornings energize us instead of putting us to sleep

1. Because we realize there’s more than one way home, and we don’t have to travel alone