The next BRUU Auction will be on November 2, 2024.  To get a clue about the Auction, check out the 2023 Auction Catalog and Frequently Asked Questions page.


Every year, ’round about October, you’ll start seeing silly hats during Sunday Worship and Coffee Hour.  These are donned by the Auction Committee who will be soliciting Auction Items, pot luck, set-up and clean-up crews and donations of beer, wine and soft drinks – all to make the annual Auction a perennial success!

The live auction is – well, lively.  In addition, we have items online for bidding.  Typically, the auction raises about $30,000 each year.

Many members fill their calendar for the coming year by buying dinners, concerts, hikes, winery tours, tubing, music lessons and much, much more!  Events sold at the auction, some for $5 and some for much more (especially time at vacation cabins), create opportunities to get together outside the church building and get to know people better.

Here are some highlights from our 2017 Auction:


Sample pages from that year’s auction booklet:


The Minister’s Auction Sermon is always a high-dollar winner!