In case of bad weather, floods, plagues of locusts, etc., the buildings at BRUU might be closed and events canceled. If Prince William County schools are closed, then there is a strong possibility that BRUU events will be canceled as well.

Sunday Services

It is always our intention at BRUU to have services every Sunday, even if only a few hardy souls arrive, and it is important for all of us to consider our own safety in regard to travel conditions during inclement weather. If, however, dangerous conditions necessitate that services should be cancelled, a message will be left on the main office phone (703-361-6269) no later than 7:00 AM on Sunday morning.

Weekday Activities

The leader for any small group meeting (on any day of the week, including Sunday afternoon) is responsible for determining whether the meeting should be canceled. People planning to attend the meeting should call the point of contact, as listed on the online calendar, to determine whether the meeting will be canceled.