The great end in religious instruction, is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own;
not to make them see with our eyes, but to look inquiringly and steadily with their own;
not to give them a definite amount of knowledge, but to inspire a fervent love of truth;
not to form an outward regularity, but to touch inward springs;
not to bind them by ineradicable prejudices to our particular sect or peculiar notions,
but to prepare them for impartial, conscientious judging of whatever subjects may be offered to their decision;
not to burden memory, but to quicken and strengthen the power of thought;
not to impose religion upon them in the form of arbitrary rules, but to awaken the conscience, the moral discernment.
In a word, the great end is to awaken the soul, to excite and cherish spiritual life.
– “The Sunday School: a Discourse Pronounced Before the Sunday-School Society,” by William Ellery Channing (1837)


DATES & TIMES: Classes are meeting in-person at 10:00am. Parents and Caregivers NEED TO REGISTER to learn about special procedures. Please contact Kristin Worthington, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Childcare Coordinator ( if you have any questions on current procedures.

BRUU provides children, youth, young adults, and adults an opportunity to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community. We offer Unitarian Universalist religious education programs all ages, inspiring:

  • Ethical growth – internalizing enduring values like justice, equity, and compassion, and gaining tools to act on them in everyday life.
  • Social growth – connecting with peers and people of all ages on a deeper level. Finding acceptance among people who see beyond the superficial.
  • Spiritual growth – feeling a connection with the sacred within, among, and beyond us.

We invite you to explore our programs and contact our Director of RE to get connected.


For very young children age 0 to 3, BRUU offers childcare during the Sunday morning service.

Kristin Worthington, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, is also our Childcare Coordinator (

Religious Education for Children and Youth

Children’s and youth religious education programs are typically offered on Sunday mornings. High school youth programs are also offered on afternoons or evenings.

Our religious educator and minister lead many of our congregation’s lifespan programs. Parents and other members of the congregation often lead them, too. Teaching can be a very fulfilling way to deepen one’s own faith.

Religious education programs include more than classes. On a Sunday you might find the preschoolers singing songs about kindness, the 2nd graders engaging with a story about loss and bereavement, the 5th graders talking with a Muslim couple about Islam, the 7th graders learning about responsibility in a lesson from our progressive sexuality education program, and the high-school youth raising money for the local homeless shelter. Many programs incorporate social justice activities, worship opportunities, service trips, fellowship, and fun.

Adult Life Enrichment

BRUU’s education program for adults is known as Adult Life Enrichment (ALE.) We publish the ALE catalog three times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring. Each catalog offers a new slate of educational opportunities. The ALE Committee welcomes volunteers who wish to join us in planning the upcoming session.