BRUU is …

… a safe community for seeking & service

… an intellectually engaged congregation. Reason, far from being anti-religious, is one of the many tools we have for navigating the often rocky terrain of ethical decision making.

… a spiritually nourishing congregation. In our worship and devotional life, in our joyful singing and our times of contemplation, we deepen our connection to that which gives our lives meaning.

… a justice-centered congregation. It is how we live out our beliefs that matters most. Our members strive to express their values through concrete action in the world.

… a warmly welcoming congregation. Every visitor, friend, and member contributes to our community life.

Our vision statement (approved by the BRUU Congregation June 6, 2020)
BRUU is a community of individuals from varied backgrounds and beliefs, connected through a passion to make the world a better place, for ourselves, for the planet, and for generations to come. Through fellowship, we will create a welcoming place of safety, acceptance, and personal growth, where transformation is an ever-present possibility.