What is BRUU?

We are…

…a safe community for seeking & service

…an intellectually engaged congregation. Reason, far from being anti-religious, is one of the many tools we have for navigating the often rocky terrain of ethical decision making.

…a spiritually nourishing congregation. In our worship and devotional life, in our joyful singing and our times of contemplation, we deepen our connection to that which gives our lives meaning.

…a justice-centered congregation. It is how we live out our beliefs that matters most. Our members strive to express their values through concrete action in the world.

…an active, high-energy, warmly welcoming congregation. Every visitor, friend, and member contributes to our community life.

Our vision statement as approved by the BRUU Congregational June 6, 2020.
“BRUU is a community of individuals from varied backgrounds and beliefs, connected through a passion to make the world a better place, for ourselves, for the planet, and for generations to come. Through fellowship, we will create a welcoming place of safety, acceptance, and personal growth, where transformation is an ever-present possibility.”

Our mission statement, as approved in 2011:
“Bull Run Unitarian Universalists (BRUU) exists to nurture ourselves, our community, and our natural world in the pursuit of spiritual and intellectual growth. We give expression to our mission through celebrating our diversity and giving of our talents and resources with justice, equity and compassion. We work toward our goals through an open democratic process, respecting the views of each individual and seeking to protect the interdependent web of life.”

As Unitarian Universalists, we have chosen our faith freely – and we enjoy the company of others who are doing the same. Often, our members have different perspectives on what is “right” and what is “wrong.” We celebrate diversity and welcome civil discussions on ethics, religion, politics. We’re not afraid to say “That approach may work for you, but what I believe is…” Conversations, as well as sermons at BRUU, generate insights and constructive challenges that can lead us to deeper, more-consistent individual beliefs.

Our members have very different religious experiences and backgrounds. Some are monotheistic Christians, others are pagans, and yet others are secular humanists. Some of us were raised Catholic, others were raised Hindu. We don’t have a creed that defines what we believe about the beginning of life, whether there is life after death, or how to behave in all the years in-between. We honor a person’s faith and traditions, and we allow everyone to choose their own beliefs. Our UU Principles shape our common journey, but we do not assume everyone must follow a particular path or end up at the same place.

BRUU is a hoppin’ place filled with fun, as well as a serious place for spiritual growth and religious education. We party often, in small groups as well as a congregation. Fellowship hour can extend well past an hour, as people get to know each other over coffee and snacks.

You can come to BRUU and be anonymous at the start, but we will invite you to join us in conversations and encourage you to share your perspective once you are comfortable. We are an inclusive community. You’ll find people at BRUU who share your ideas and opinions, and you’ll find others who have divergent viewpoints. BRUU has members with dramatically different perspectives on God, guns, government, and almost everything else… yet we all find a way to stay part of a common community.

We learn from each other, rather than demonize people who are different. BRUU is, incidentally, a Green Sanctuary and a Welcoming Congregation.

Oh yes – we do food and music. Lot’s of socializing at BRUU includes good food, good drink, and good music, as well as good company. BRUU is an uplifting, exciting place.