NOTICE: RE is now being held in-person during the Sunday Service hour.

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2021-2022 Curriculums:

Senior Youuth, Ages 14-17: “Virtue Ethics”

“We make hundreds of decisions every day. Some are small, some are life changing, although we may not know their significance when we make them. The programs premise – in the words of the Buddha – is that our thoughts and actions become habits and our habits shape our character. We have control over our character. We can shape the person that we want to become by making intentional, thoughtful decisions.” Youth will also participate in a book study of the important “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi.

Frequently during the year, participants in the Senior youuth group will have the opportunity to lead RE sessions. Content can be nearly anything the youth would like to share with their peers. In the past, they have dived into deep questions, had an introductory guitar lesson, and a demonstration of a student’s forge. We will bring back the very popular “Senior Teas,” an opportunity for members of the church to share tea with the youth as soon as conditions allow!

Seekers, Ages 11-13: “D-uh God!”

A Simpson’s based curriculum for middle schoolers!  Through viewing and discussing Simpson’s episodes, the participants will consider differing religious beliefs and the ways in which our faith can help us understand our questions, seek answers; Understand ways in which the right of conscience calls us to do what’s right, even when there are possible negative consequences; and Examine how our choices affect others around us, as well as ourselves.

Questers, ages 8-10: “Windows and Mirrors”

UU views our members’ multiple perspectives as a blessing. We embrace the diversity to our collective experience. Windows and Mirrors helps the children to identify their own experiences and perspectives and to seek out, care about and respect those of others.

Will also have projects around the building and as we are able with other parts of our community –  doing interviews with some of our lay leaders, and creating a reading a story basket to the Explorers.

Explorers, ages 5-7: “Spirit Play”

A Montessori based program that will explore our UU values, World Religions, UU Sources through interactive storytelling and independent play. The Explorers room includes a science station, art table, games, yoga mats, spiritual practice activities and a quiet corner.

Adventurers, ages 3-4: “Chalice Children”

A classic Unitarian Universalist curriculum designed to create a sense of belonging to our faith community. Activities encourage building relationships, learning about our church home, and becoming familiar with our symbols and rituals.

About Our Children and Youth Ministry

At BRUU, we strive to help our children, youth, and their families grow spiritually with lives filled with compassion and wholeness. Through our Sunday morning Religious Education programs and a variety of family fellowship opportunities, we seek to cultivate in our children both a love of liberal religious life and a sense of belonging in a wider faith community.

Our Religious Education Program is one that:

  • Introduces children to beliefs and celebrations of a variety of religious traditions and values
  • Explores UU purposes and principles and how they relate to children’s lives
  • Provides opportunities to explore and develop religious thoughts and beliefs in a loving and supportive environment
  • Promotes the care and well-being of people of all ages through multi-generational services and special events

In order to ensure that our children are well grounded in the many different aspects of our religious tradition, we have chosen three basic areas of religious education content with which we want our children to be familiar. We call these areas Pillars: Unitarian Universalist Identity, World Religions, and Judeo-Christian Heritage. Using this approach, our children can build on what they have already learned without structured learning becoming obviously repetitive.


Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Contact Kristin Worthington, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education (, anytime.