Liberation Starts with an Exodus and Ends with…

Our physical and spiritual liberation is bound up together. There is no liberation for one unless there is liberation for all, and even though we might view the Holy in different ways, we are free to worship as we see fit. In the quest to love one another, though, sometimes our biases and judgments can … Continued

No Kind of Religion at All?

Is it true that in striving to be a religion for all people that Unitarian Universalism manages to be no religion at all? Are we a watered-down faith where “you can believe whatever you want,” or are we a religion with a message and a calling all our own? Come hear Rev. Megan’s take on … Continued


Resilience and Change

As we move into a new year, putting the festivities of the season behind us and contemplating the year to come, the realities of every day experience come back to us. How do we cope with the heaviness of our world and bounce back from the darkness? Is resilience always a good thing? This intergenerational … Continued

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