Services are usually 10 – 11:00AM. Services can be quite different, so if you are visiting BRUU, plan to attend several.

No Time for Casual Faith

This service will be live-broadcast from UU General Assembly in Kansas City,  from 10-11:30 AM.

NOTE: This is a half hour longer than BRUU services normally run.

Gimme that Ol’ Time Religion

Once upon a time, long long ago, the first inhabitants in Northern Virginia had their own beliefs and worship practices. When the colonists arrived, they brought a new approach to dealing with a deity. They also brought people who retained some very different beliefs even … read more.

Is There Extraterrestrial LIFE Out There?

The vast majority of space scientists believe alien life exists. Given the mind-boggling size of the universe, surely we are not alone. From alien microbes on a moon of Saturn to intelligent beings visiting us in their starships, how would the presence of extraterrestrial life … read more.

Exploring the Blues

Musical Service

Tom Drake with Randy Freed & Dave Hamilton