Donate Time

You can donate to BRUU in a variety of ways, including volunteer time. You can join a committee, help out in the kitchen, or grab a paint brush when we spruce up the building. We are active in Social Justice issues, too, including running a Food Pantry at BRUU.

Donate Dollars

You can always support BRUU financially. You can use the online form below to start the conversation about your financial gift.

If you prefer, you can fill in this paper pledge form for the current Canvass and send it to the BRUU treasurer.

Annual Operations

Members take advantage of the spring Canvass drive to pledge funds for the BRUU annual budget. Pledged funds give BRUU a chance to plan ahead for the year. For more information about the annual Canvass, contact

Special Gifts

But you can donate even when the annual Canvass has been completed through one-time gifts. For special financial donations, contact

You can even donate stock or other investments, reducing the capital gains tax, if the stock has appreciated in value since you acquired it. BRUU members and friend can read more about donations of stocks and  investment accounts at donate stock.


Consider contributing to the BRUU endowment by making BRUU a beneficiary of your estate. Not intended to replace the annual pledges which support our day-to-day operations, this fund is meant to be used for unusual expenses, to supply emergency needs, and to provide income for growth and new programs. As a charitable gift, it’s a perfect way to guarantee a lasting legacy. Make BRUU a beneficiary on life insurance, bank and 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, and brokerage accounts. No lawyers or accountants are needed. If you’re interested in learning how to direct assets to BRUU contact the Endowment Committee at

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Annual Pledge

Please enter the total annual amount you are pledging to the operating fund for the next congregational year (July 1 – June 30) not the amount per month, quarter, etc.

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Payment Method

Payment Method

The preferred method is Automatic Bank Draft. Please provide the Bank Routing Number and Account Number (or scan a VOIDED check) to or you can arrange to pass the details by phone.

Credit cards are accepted in the treasurer’s office on Sunday, weekdays by pre-arrangement or over the phone.

Automatic Frequency

If you choose Automatic Bank Draft, let us know how to schedule the payments.

Payment Frequency