We Are Our Stories

Some say that it is our stories that bind people together. What do the stories we tell say about who we are as a faith? Whose voices are missing from the stories we tell? Let’s examine the stories that bind Unitarian Universalists together as a … read more.

Fostering Families

Foster care provides safe, nurturing homes for children whose families are in crisis. Members of BRUU along with Wendy Cohen from UMFS, a private non-profit foster care agency, will share their experiences with fostering during this collaborative worship service.

Learn about the challenges and rewards of … read more.

Flower Communion

We close the regular church-year with the annual Flower Communion service. This is a celebration of our congregational community in all of its beauty and diversity. The Children’s Choir sings.

We will recognize new members and membership milestones, show appreciation for our religious education teachers, celebrate … read more.