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Science Fiction as Theological Reflection

In December, Rev. Charlotte and Ellen Badgley gave us a baseline of how science and spirituality are perfectly compatible. This morning Pat Malarkey explores how fiction based on science provides a means for theological reflection. Science fiction allows us to invent new religions and beliefs … read more.


The ancient Celtic holiday of Imbolc celebrates the turning of the wheel of the year from Crone to Maiden as the Sun-god is born once again signaling the return of spring in the northern hemisphere.

What’s Next?

Auction sermon topic chosen by the Freeds: An exploration of beliefs about reincarnation and the afterlife in the world’s religions.

Some UU Presidents

Out of 45 U.S. Presidents, 4 (or 5 if you count Thomas Jefferson) have been UUs. That is about 10% from a relatively small denomination. We’ll explore the mixed legacy of these Heads of State, especially Fillmore and Taft.