Services are usually 10 – 11:00AM. Services can be quite different, so if you are visiting BRUU, plan to attend several.


The senior high school youth lead worship today. Be prepared to have your mind opened about diverse spiritual traditions about life after death.

A Thousand Ways to Burn

Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss’s message will explore the practice of Sabbath rest as an antidote to a world preoccupied with striving and grasping. She will explore Sabbath as a radical practice of wonder and gratitude that awakens us to divine love.

Kiss the Irish!

Drawing on “How the Irish Saved Civilization” and “How the Irish Became White” we explore how every human culture has a complicated history of positive contributions as well as complicated and messy participation in systems of oppression.  The Irish provide an example of these competing pictures … read more.

Justice Sunday

2019 UUSC Justice Sunday will reflect on the power of deep partnership and relationship-building, with a special focus on the climate justice convening that UUSC helped organize in October 2018

On Covenant

We are a covenantal not a creedal faith community. An important aspect of covenant is that they are subject to review and revision as our understanding of right relationships change under the scrutiny of self-awareness and reflection.