Religious Education/Faith Development for children and youth this church year has been re-invented. What we will miss is meeting together with our friends and peers in person on a weekly basis. What we gain are

  • new connections through multigenerational offerings
  • direct relationship between worship services & the educational material
  • opportunities to explore a broader range of issues in our contemporary world
  • more guidance to practice and deepen our faith all week long as individuals and families

Monthly Themes

Each month, we will explore a theme together. These materials will include

  • group activities and experiential learning for families to explore together, and
    activities for each of our RE age groups.
  • mindfulness practices to help engage in the theme in a more reflective way,
  • dinner conversation starters, play lists related to the theme,
  • monthly challenges to share with the entire congregation, and more.

Monthly Schedule

Here’s what the monthly schedule will look like:
Prior to the 1st Sunday, materials will be distributed to current RE families, AND any member/friend of BRUU who wishes to receive them. You will use the materials at your convenience, and you can pick and choose which to participate in.
Each First Sunday: we’ll hold a multigenerational “kick-off” to introduce the theme and bring it to life.
Each Second Sunday: religious education leaders will host multigenerational offerings. This may be a game day, an art project, or a discussion about a Principle or Source.
Third Sundays: will be stand-alone sessions (much like ALE) and open to all theme participants. This calendar is planned to come out late September.
Each Fourth Sunday: the RE children & youth classes will meet by age group with their teachers to complete the month with a lesson on the theme and check in. An adult group is in the works.

ALL Sundays will occur at 2:00 pm via zoom

How do I get the zoom link? That’s right – REGISTER!


We will take a break for the month of September, launching the theme “Deep Listening” October 4.


About Our Children and Youth Ministry

At BRUU, we strive to help our children, youth, and their families grow spiritually with lives filled with compassion and wholeness. Through our Sunday morning Religious Education programs and a variety of family fellowship opportunities, we seek to cultivate in our children both a love of liberal religious life and a sense of belonging in a wider faith community.

Our Religious Education Program is one that:

Introduces children to beliefs and celebrations of a variety of religious traditions and values
Explores UU purposes and principles and how they relate to children’s lives
Provides opportunities to explore and develop religious thoughts and beliefs in a loving and supportive environment
Promotes the care and well-being of people of all ages through multi-generational services and special events
In order to ensure that our children are well grounded in the many different aspects of our religious tradition, we have chosen three basic areas of religious education content with which we want our children to be familiar. We call these areas Pillars: Unitarian Universalist Identity, World Religions, and Judeo-Christian Heritage. Using this approach, our children can build on what they have already learned without structured learning becoming obviously repetitive


Director of Religious Education

Contact Kristin Worthington, our Director of RE (, anytime.