Loosen, Loosen (video)

There is always so much to do in our lives that it’s rare that we take a moment to stop and and take a deep breath. When things feel out of control and overwhelming, what does it feel like to remind ourselves to rest, to breathe, to take a moment to be present to our bodies? Sometimes it’s scary to do that, but it’s so important for taking care of ourselves and each other.

Rev. Aisha Ansano is called to serve as a prophetic and pastoral presence to those seeking spiritual community and connection. She is a co-founder of Nourish UU, a dinner church consultancy that seeks to bring embodied worship to UU communities. She is the affiliated community minister at First Parish in Malden, MA, where she lives with her partner.

You can learn more about our guest here: http://www.aishaansano.com/.

There is also a special testimonial offered by one of our BRUU members about living our values.

Loosen, Loosen