Wilderness Time

We’ve been wandering in the wilderness for the last three months.

What is wilderness time? What are we learning? How has it changed us?

5th Sunday Special Collection on May 31st – UUA COVID Response Fund

Our 5th Sunday Special Collection this month will support the UUA’s COVID Response Fund. According to the UUA’s webpage Supporting Our People and Our Communities, donations to the fund will provide grants to support congregations and UU religious professionals and administrative staff based on need resulting from the pandemic.

Two UUA funds will be used to distribute these grants: the UUA Disaster Relief Fund and the Living Tradition Fund. Grants awarded via the Disaster Relief Fund will provide assistance in communities to people who are at significant risk to health and livelihood because of COVID-19. The Living Tradition Fund will disburse grants to meet extraordinary financial needs of ministers, religious professionals, and congregational staff impacted by COVID-19.

Please designate your offering donation on May 31st by indicating 5th Sunday Special Collection in the memo line.