The mission of the Adult Life Enrichment (ALE) program at the Bull Run Unitarian Universalist church (BRUU) is to offer to the adults of BRUU, Members and Friends alike, and to the public a slate of courses, seminars, and workshops that relate to the seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism.  It is our hope that adults will find many opportunities for spiritual growth herein.

You can contact the ALE team at

Course catalog

BRUU publishes the ALE catalog of courses & workshops throughout the year, offering a new slate of educational opportunities.

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Teach a course!

Everyone is a teacher; everyone is a learner.

At BRUU, we are fortunate to have many who are interested, aware, and articulate. You are one of them. We invite you to generously share with our congregation what you have to offer. By so doing, you are enriching the worth and dignity of all BRUU members. We thank you!

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Feel free to discuss your ideas for a course with any member of the BRUU ALE Committee, or email us at