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The Magical Meaning of Membership!

What does it mean to you to be a member of the BRUU community? To be a member means to belong to or be a part of something larger than ourselves. BRUU is made up of all of us. We can do great things together. Supporting each other in times of need, being an advocate in the larger community as a contributing partner congregation in V.O.I.C.E., supporting our food pantry which reaches many of our neighbors through food distributions, being a beacon of justice through our recent collection for the Ukraine, and providing a spiritual home to seekers. Seekers of justice, acceptance, and love.

Our annual canvass drive is a time to pause and think about how we support and nurture this community. It takes many hands to do this work, but it also takes money. We have a building that needs care, we have our staff who we are committed to paying fair wages to, and support roles that need to be filled. How will you help to do this? I invite you to dream of ways that BRUU can do all these things and more. As we come back together and begin meeting in person again, we have an opportunity to pause and dream a big dream together and through membership (coming together to be a part of something larger than ourselves), we can do it together.

Make your pledge!

Pledging is a deeply personal decision. After reviewing the 2023-2024 BRUU Proposed Budget and Pledge FAQs, as members we make a financial contribution to BRUU, to share in the financial cost of creating the community we love. There are many ways to figure out what a “fair share” is. One way is looking at the New UUA Fair Share Guide.

Please make your pledge by April 2, 2023 to help us finalize our budget plans. You can complete your pledge online using this Pledge Form

For other questions not answered in Pledge FAQs about these year’s Canvass, please contact the Stewardship team at stewardship@BRUU.org.