Reopening Status: A Report from the Board

— released August 24, 2021…
The dance with COVID-19 and the Delta variant includes backward as well as forward steps. As such, the BRUU Board has determined the following:

Plans to open the building for in-person Sunday Sanctuary Services are back on HOLD

  • Sunday Services will remain on Zoom and Live Streamed until Prince William County, Manassas Park and Manassas City along with all bordering counties sustains a new case ratio of < 10 : 100,000 people for a minimum of 4 weeks duration.
  • The BRUU building will continue to be open for groups of less than 50 people when scheduled through the BRUU Office Assistant. Meetings should take place in the larger spaces that are well ventilated or equipped with air purifiers. The use of QR codes and wearing of masks until you reach your place in the building is still in place.
  • Childrens RE hybrid programs are set to begin at the end of August – SEE DRE Updates & Protocols at Children’s RE Programs

The Board will continue to evaluate guidelines promoted by the CDC, the UUA and federal and state governments. The COVID Act Now website will continue to be used to evaluate the risk rating of our region. Once the Board determines and sets a date for multi-platform services and establishes our protocols, you are welcome to make your own personal decisions regarding participating in person or online.

Board Member Breakout Room: Each Sunday following the service, there will be a Break Out Room, with a Board member or two, for folks to discuss the issues important to them regarding the return to in-person sanctuary services and RE programming. We are certain we will be having fascinating & challenging conversations on personal responsibility, community trust, vaccinations, and how BRUU might welcome visitors.


Who needs to wear masks @ BRUU? All of us!
As you know, there is a common denominator among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Each can carry COVID. So, here’s the scoop – entering and leaving the building, and while walking through the halls, wear your mask. Once you reach your meeting or event destination, as a group, you may decide whether or not masks stay on.

Who’s There?
Speaking of entering the building…Virginia Department of Labor and Industry guidelines have not changed. Which means, by law, we are required to track who is coming to BRUU. How the heck do we do that? By using the QR code that is posted at every entrance. What the heck is a QR code and how the heck do I use it? So glad you asked! Cue the Hruska’s:


We Continue to Work to Bring In-person Services Back

— released July 24, 2021
While we continue to work to bring services back to the sanctuary and welcome back the BRUU community, it won’t be the same as before…we will continue to follow guidelines and metrics to protect our youngest, our vulnerable and our unvaccinated congregants.

  • Until further notice, we are holding church services virtually. Some other groups are meeting in-person. Sunday morning services are held on zoom (link in weekly email) and streamed live on our BRUU Facebook, Sundays at 10am.
  • Children and Youth RE is in-person in the church building, see RE page for details.
  • ALE – some courses are meeting in-person in the church building, register for details from the course leader
  • Social Groups – refer to the group leader on status for next meeting
  • Memorial services are in-person at the church building, see your invitation for details. Some may be additionally offered on zoom.

End of Life Services: A Board Update

— released July 9,2021

The Board met on 7/7/2021 and amended the current limitations for use of the BRUU building for end of life services as follows.

The following applies to end of life services.

  1. There is no occupancy limit. This replaces the limit of 50 people maximum.
  2. Masks will be required for entry to BRUU, and access to services held in the sanctuary and in the Fellowship Hall, should it be required for overflow attendance.
  3. Audio visual support and hybrid service are only available for BRUU member memorial services.
  4. The Fellowship Hall will be available should the family request it.