COSM Vision: Healthy and successful BRUU ministries

COSM Mission: To assess the effectiveness of our ministries and to identify areas of improvement. We do this through the examination of key data elements and through open and appropriate communications between the congregation, the minister, BRUU Staff and the Board.

COSM Focus for 2021-22 church year:   Community: Surviving, Recovering, and Thriving
This church year we chose to focus on the BRUU Community as a whole and how are we Surviving, Recovering, and Thriving through the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond. We met in-person and on zoom with 8 small BRUU groups to elicit responses and inspire reflection/action. Queried the congregation via on-line links and the Easter service.

Summary: What we discovered is that many feel we are still in Survival mode. The rapid pivot to Multiplatform engagement is helping us Recover. A common thread was gratitude for the caring circles and small groups that supported us and maintained a sense of BRUU as a community, even when we were isolated in our pods. Ongoing financial contributions, a PPP loan and managing costs kept us afloat. The food pantry expanded to meet needs. BRUU received re-certification as a Green Sanctuary through the efforts of the Green Team. The rapid return to in-person RE helped youth meet social and emotional needs. Groups expressed gratitude for church leaders following science to keep us safe. Flexibility and creativity are helping us Recover and are the key to Thriving as well.