The BRUU community welcomes your interest in conducting a course, seminar or lesson to members, under the direction of the BRUU program for Adult Life Enrichment (ALE).

Everyone is a teacher; everyone is a learner.

At BRUU, we are fortunate to have many who are interested, aware, and articulate. You are one of them. By generously sharing what you have to offer, you are enriching the worth and dignity of all members. We thank you!

Course criteria

Courses that we offer to the BRUU congregation via the Adult Life Enrichment program can be varied, but they do have to fit within the criteria that the ALE Committee has established. If you would like to offer such a course, then it must meet the following requirements:

  1. A proposed seminar or course must be loosely based on one of the seven UU Principles.  There should be some reason to offer through the ALE program, rather than just as an auction item or an informal get-together. These principles represent core Unitarian Universalist beliefs:
    1st Principle
    The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
    2nd Principle
    Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
    3rd Principle
    Acceptance of one another and encouragement of spiritual growth in our congregations;
    4th Principle
    A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
    5th Principle
    The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations
    and in society at large;
    6th Principle
    The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
    7th Principle
    Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
  2. An outline of any proposed seminar or course must be submitted to the ALE Committee in writing through the online teacher submission form (see below), within the timeframe set by the committee for each Spring, Fall, or Winter term (there is no summer term). This is usually at least four to six weeks before the first catalog course begins. The outline should contain paragraphs describing the course content and structure along with a list of the UU Principles the course supports. We encourage you to send graphic images to help illustrate the course in our catalog. Images and other material can be attached to email to
  3. A proposed seminar or course must be offered for free. If the course requires consumable supplies (art supplies or books), we can charge attendees to cover the costs, but the course itself must be free of charge.
  4. No seminar or course presenter will be paid a fee or stipend, unless the presenter is not a member of BRUU, and the ALE Committee agrees such a fee is in the best interest of BRUU. In cases where the Committee approves the fee, it can be drawn from the limited budget of ALE program.
  5. Courses should be offered at the BRUU church building or on zoom, unless there is a compelling reason to change the venue. The final decision will be up to both the ALE Committee and the teacher.
  6. Courses should meet from 1-6 times for the term, provided there is adequate time available on the BRUU calendar.
  7. Teachers must agree to call or send individual emails of confirmation to all registered attendees within 48 hours of first class meeting. The email will also inform attendees of how to get into the locked BRUU building (door code). The ALE Committee will provide teachers a roster of those  registered for their course, at least 48 hours in advance.
  8. Teachers must convey to the ALE Committee their needs for supplies, room, chairs, AV equipment, etc. in their initial proposal. The online submission form has a list of potential resources. The committee can confirm that course needs are available. Teachers will be expected to follow-up as needed to make sure that their resources are ready for class time.
  9. Teachers are expected to arrive at the class venue at least 15 minutes before class begins, greet attendees, and clean up the room after the class ends.

Course topics

The ALE Committee will examine all proposed courses and has the right to respectfully deny offering such a course via the ALE program, if it does not meet the criteria listed above.

Suitable course topics

BRUU members represent a significantly educated population with many varied interests. Topics they have welcomed in this program include courses in traditional and non-traditional Spiritual Practices, World Religions, Metaphysics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Green Living and Ecology, History, Social Justice and Action, Politics, Philosophy, Civic Responsibility, World Cultures, Self-Awareness, Democracy, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, Meditation, Crafting for calm, Music, and Drumming.

Unsuitable course topics

Generally, courses or lessons that represent simple life techniques, such as cooking, hosting a dinner, seeing a play, updating your computer security, playing a violin, doing a jigsaw puzzle, writing a resume, throwing clay in a pottery class, doing your taxes or repairing your car, would best be appropriate as a BRUU auction item or separate private event, rather than an ALE course.

Services the BRUU ALE Committee can offer you

  • Personalized assistance in preparing your offering/course/seminar and the resources you need for it
  • Multimedia publication of your offering in the BRUU ALE Catalog and website
  • Advertisement within church services, fellowship hall, services announcement, and BRUU Roundup (weekly email bulletin for members & friends), and other options
  • Administrative support that includes registration, room assignment, names and phone numbers of participants, up-to-date information about needed room changes, cancellations, and so on.
  • Gratitude for your gift of sharing

How to submit your proposal

To submit a seminar or course idea, use the Adult Life Enrichment – Course Submission form. Just complete and submit the form and we will then be in touch.

You can contact the ALE Committee at